A while back, I had written and never published something complicated and convoluted (what’s new?) around this whole idea of the Fourth Turning (see http://www.fourthturning.com/), specifically as to how it relates to the interactions of Jupiter and Saturn over time.

In lieu of that, I will just cut to the chase:  we are currently living through a twenty year period (2008-2028) that builds upon three prior twenty year periods:  1929-1949; 1850-1870; 1771-1791. Notice that by the midpoint of each of those time periods, an escalating crisis really entered its hot phase:

American Revolution—Civil War—World War II

What is the current conflict? Is it reaching its hot phase?

Homework assignment:  http://qanonposts.com/

We are now meeting the Guardian of the Threshold.

“And we await his coming in Glory.”

Advent Blessings, fellow Knights.

~ the groundskeeper