“And now, since we have come together so unusually, let us lead no common life:  let us work together in a noble manner, and for noble purposes!  It is inconceivable how much a man of true culture can accomplish for himself and others, if, without attempting to rule, he can be the guardian over many; can induce them to do that in season which they are at any rate disposed enough to do; can guide them to their objects, which in general they see with due distinctness, though they miss the road to them.  Let us make a league for this:  it is no enthusiasm, but an idea which may be fully executed, which, indeed, is often executed, only with imperfect consciousness, by people of benevolence and worth.” – Goethe

Welcome, friend.  The aim of this site is to be just such a League as the one spoken of in the preceding quote.  This particular League speaks a particular language — that of Anthroposophy and Christian Hermeticism.  The ideas running through this site will be enriched and clarified through a familiarity with the great Teachers of the 20th-21st century:  Rudolf Steiner, Valentin Tomberg, and Robert Powell primarily. Others — Daniel Andreev, Estelle Isaacson, Judith von Halle, Frank Chester — branch out from this threefold trunk.

Why a TreeHouse?  In one sense, we gather together here like children at play, speaking in code, sharing our imaginations and secrets, taming Dragons. On the other hand, all that is presented here is offered to and inspired by the Sephiroth Tree, the Temple with Seven Pillars — the Holy Trinosophia, the Living House of Humanity.

My hope is that this site can become a home not only for essays on metahistory, metapolitics, and metaculture —piercing the veil of current events to see the Good and expose the Evil that are hidden within — but of a whole panorama of true Rosicrucian culture.  The experience will be more wholesome if others who visit this site are willing to share their thoughts, stories, songs, paintings… birds of the air coming and making their home in the branches…

Michael Sophia in nomine Christi,

the grounds keeper

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4 thoughts on “TREE/HOUSE

  1. Hi Joel.
    This star map intrigues me since you chose the Swan to be most prominent both on your home page and in the star map.. I heard that the Swan has to do with Lohengrin. I remember something about Lohengrin coming into prominence after Mani and Lohengrin working in the social realm. If you are inspired to say more…..


    1. You know Kelly, it was so long ago I had forgotten the inspiration. But I dug up some email exchange with Kevin Dann which I believe lay out the basics of my inspiration (as they were occurring at the same time I started this website). Some excerpts from January 31, 2016:

      “Shortly after the April retreat last year [2015], I had this dream:

      I’m watching a bird fly toward me from a great distance. It looks like a dove with a fish in its mouth. As the dove flies closer, I can see that it is actually a seagull and it is holding not a fish, but a dead hawk. It comes closer and closer until it runs into the window through which I’m looking. Up until this point I hadn’t realized there was a barrier between myself and the birds. The seagull seems desperate, not necessarily to get through the glass, but to show me that it has the dead hawk in its beak – it repeatedly bashes itself against the window. For some reason, this entire spectacle fills me with a feeling of triumph and relief.

      A few months later, as we’re reading Volume 2 of Through the Eyes of Mary Magdalene, I come across a very similar dream of hers (it’s at the end of chapter two)…”

      “The past few days I’ve been thinking about what the seabird going after the hawk could be all about. It struck me looking at a map of constellations and seeing Cygnus the swan (aligned with Aquarius) right next to Aquila the eagle (aligned with Capricorn). I thought about Cygnus (with megastar Deneb) representing the Grail stream (ala Steiner and Tomberg) and Aquila representing the dark forces (ala the birthchart of Mr. X).

      Just did a little more digging…we all know who the eagle represents, but what about the swan? Turns out the national bird of Russia is the Tundra Swan – Cygnus Columbianus.”


  2. Very intriguing! Hopeful if the dead hawk is the eagle guy and the dove triumphed for Philadelphia.
    Thank you for sharing.


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