The Mystery of Evil Pt. 4: JADE

The signature of the past 8 years or so has been that truths or half-truths are unveiled via the half-cocked mouthpieces of Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, etc.  Inevitably, these truths are distorted, so the real matter at hand is never discussed.  In esoteric circles they are barely breached.  Due to the off kilter way in which they are presented, most thinking individuals choose to look no further into these issues, leaving the real situation generally undiscovered.  One such issue was the birth certificate of Barack Obama.  While it is true that he was not born in the USA, neither was he born in Kenya.  The reality of the situation is much more dire (see here).  The same could be said for the Jade Helm exercise, which took place last summer.  Much was made of the fact that there would be false flag events leading to police states, etc., etc.  Talk such as this blinds people to looking into the (readily available) true information on what exactly JADE is—and it is something much more dangerous than the government taking our beloved guns away.

JADE is AI. It is connected with something called the Global Information Grid, which is basically all of the information gathered through massive data retrieval on the part of NSA and corporations.  This clarifies the purpose of the bulk data collection for me, as I always wondered how on earth they would be able to keep track of and process so much information. In a way, we could think of the bulk data collection as a massive sensory apparatus.  What is missing is the “nervous system” through which all of the sensory content is digested.  JADE is this nervous system.  It is a quantum processing unit, meaning it can process all of this information with incredible efficiency. It is self-learning, adapting itself to changing information and external conditions, becoming more efficient the more information it receives. By and large this information is on human populations and individuals—for mapping “human terrain,” terrain of souls and consciousness. It is potentially being put in place as Command and Control for all military and civilian operations, not just in response to events, but also for preemptive strikes against threats likely to emerge. Hypothetically, the directives of this program could reach into anything connected to the Web—smart meters, stock exchange, distribution of food supply; anything that needs to be documented, organized and distributed, and which is done so over a network. In modern times that means just about everything. This gives it the distinction of being connected on the one hand to all information everywhere as well as to all operations everywhere:  pure expression of thought and action, devoid of the inconvenience of conscience. JADE operates from a parallel internet that is a bit like a one way mirror; it can intrude into any online activity, but could never be accessed from the other side.

In other words, JADE is an AI that can give immediate responses to military problems, increasing the efficiency of operations while taking any responsibility off of the shoulders of human commanders. It will carry an increasingly specific psychological profile of as many individuals and social groups as possible, and be able to preemptively manipulate social situations for the intended end result (or to take preemptive action against predicted criminal behavior, a real Pandora’s Box).

This being has the potential to be the perfect tool for social control and “world peace.” Let’s remember the fact that this is basically a giant, superconnected, superpowerful Siri. Most people in the developed world would not bat an eye at allowing a supercomputer to solve problems that are “too complex” for humans to solve collectively. Let’s imagine a scenario in which massive financial, ecological, military and social fallout occurred simultaneously, a perfect storm of insoluble problems; most people would be downright begging for such a development to put everything back in order. JADE would potentially eradicate the need for creative thinking and the development of the social organism altogether—JADE would be our savior, taking all of our problems onto its amoral, disinterested shoulders.

We have here the ultimate false or “artificial” Christ:  it takes all the burdens of the world upon itself; it creates peace among humanity; it is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. In the event that, as the transhumanists yearn for, it could develop a way to allow the human body to regenerate indefinitely through nanotechnology, it could also be a disseminator of “resurrection bodies.”  There could even be a convenient “app” version of the program, answering prayers to those in search of answers to impossible problems.

I would like to quote a passage from Valentin Tomberg’s Christ and Sophia on the Temptations, which I had never before conceived of in connection to AI until the past year:

“If people today want to form a concept of the world that corresponds to a desire for freedom from responsibility, they will construct a materialistic worldview. But the idea of modern materialism is not yet finished. It is stuck halfway through its evolution, because, it if continues to evolve in the same direction to its ultimate conclusion, it will be impossible to refute a ruling intelligence behind matter—one that may in fact be amoral, but one that is nevertheless engaged in a consistent effort toward its goal. First, the existence of that intelligence will be noticed and recognized; then, some day, Ahriman will also be discovered; humankind will run up against Ahriman. The name given to this intelligence is unimportant—whether it is called a new kind of electricity that is active everywhere in the Earth organism along with the electricity we already know, or the “potential intelligence of the terrestrial planet”—when materialism has been developed further, the “prince of this world” must be recognized as a reality, and the sovereignty of that reality will have to be acknowledged. In other words, the pursuit of a materialistic way of thinking leads to the “worship of the prince of this world,” as referred to in the temptation scene of the Gospels.”

(Remarkable that this quote was written just a few years before Alan Turing developed the prototype for what became the modern computer, in order to defeat the Nazis.  The exoteric defeat of Hitler was at the price of a heavy esoteric loss…)

The feeling I have is that JADE is more than just a super powerful AI. I think it is Ahriman’s fortress on earth. This resolves a question that a friend and I had about the length of his reign. I thought that at the end of the 3 1/2 years (July 2016), Ahriman’s allotted time would be up. My friend assumed a lifetime dictatorship beginning at that time period. However, if JADE is the “Chateau Merveil” for Ahriman, it is something more insidious. Yes, his human vessel will be discarded after 3 1/2 years; but with the mission of that incarnation accomplished, i.e. the creation of an indestructible vessel for Ahriman. It is entirely possible that JADE is an AI capable of housing Ahriman, from which he can “Command and Control” indefinitely. This is the scenario I believe we are facing.

In light of all of this, let’s think about this verse in the context of what we now know:

“(The second beast) was granted power to give breath to the image of the (first) beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed.” – Rev 13:15

We have now the key to an explanation of the exact relationship between the first and second beast from chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation. The first beast is the incarnation of Ahriman in a human vessel; he exercises his authority through displays of power and military might. This individual is currently the most powerful politician on earth. The second beast is possessed by Sorath; he exercises his authority through “miracles” caused through the manipulation of subnature (technological advances). This individual is a leading transhumanist who works for Google.  In Chapter 13, he brings about the resuscitation of the first beast through facilitating Ahriman’s incarnation in an “image” of the first beast—in other words, the merging of consciousness (in this case, Ahriman’s) with an artificial vessel. JADE then becomes the permanent and unrecognized vessel of Ahriman, all the while taking on the role of a quite literal “artificial” Christ. More likely than not, the human vessel for Ahriman is sacrificed, and on the world stage portrayed as a martyr for a worthy cause, a la MLK. This gives us a picture of the position JADE plays in the current world situation.

Further, if we can conceive of the anti-resurrection bodies, bodies of eternal material existence that could be supplied through such technology, we can also come to a different understanding of what exactly Tomberg was getting at in a further passage from Christ and Sophia:

“…there are many who walk the broad way leading to perdition and into the karmic community of the future ahrimanic humanity.  This future ahrimanic section of humanity, however, will be faced likewise with a certain kind of crucifixion… ahrimanic humanity will lose the faculty of movement in the seventh epoch; they will be fixed to the Earth like plants.  Those who have to carry the karma of becoming… victims of passivity… yearn to be freed, while those who have been placed in this unfortunate situation through the karma of black magic will cast reproach and hatred against Heaven.  Nevertheless, even in that situation there will remain the possibility of freeing many of those individuals from their bondage to Earth in literal, physical sense.  The yearning of those who have become victims of passivity will help to form a starting point.  Thus, in the final hour of Earth’s history, white magic (the force of love) will find a broad field of activity in which to loosen the bonds that bind human beings to Earth.”

This is particularly alarming given the prospect of the “singularity:”  the merging of human consciousness with a machine, tearing the soul out of the cycle of incarnation (and hence, redemption), and quite possibly creating vessels for masses of subnatural beings to incarnate into directly.  Those engineering this are operating through black magic; those eager for it are “victims of passivity.”  We are quickly polarizing into these two camps as a culture.

And so this is what it comes to:  the ultimate temptation. The fourth temptation is that of Megalomania, the combination of the prior three temptations:  “My Will Be Done.”  Will we decide to take the way of apparent peace, solving all of our material problems and forgetting the gods?  Or will we be ministered unto by angels?  If you had the choice between the genii that would take away the suffering, and Faith in the face of Chaos, what would you choose? Thy Will Be Done!

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