The Mystery of Evil Pt. 5: The Bottomless Pit

We can also look at JADE from a developmental perspective. In Meditations on the Tarot, the anonymous author states that “Antichrist, the ideal of biological and historical evolution without grace, is not an individuality or entity created by God, but rather the egregore or phantom generated through the biological and historical evolution opened up by the serpent, who is the author and master of biological and historical evolution that science studies and teaches.  The antichrist is the ultimate product of this evolution without grace and not an entity created by God—the act of divine creation being always, without exception, an act of grace.  He is therefore an egregore, an artificial being who owes his existence to collective generation from below.

If we look closely at Robert Powell’s description of Christ’s descent through the subearthly realms throughout the end of the 20th and the start of the 21st century, he points to certain technological developments occurring at each transition into a new subearthly sphere (the atomic bomb, satellites, space travel, nuclear defense, the internet, etc). I don’t think these are chosen randomly—they actually describe a progression, the development of a particular being that culminates with AI. In a certain sense, we have built another “Tower of Babel,” although with an important difference:  the Tower of Babel was constructed with the aim of returning to the gods through human effort. This is, conversely, humanity’s attempt to escape from the gods; essentially, the opposite of a Tower of Babel—a Bottomless Pit, exactly the description used in the Book of Revelation.

The Tower of Babel was brought about through the capacity of human beings to speak the primal tongue: a tongue understood by all people, which carried within it the force to affect Nature. This force was misused; Lucifer was brought to the aid of the guiding spiritual powers by dividing up the primal tongue into many tongues and many nations, thereby taking from speech its destructive power. While human beings found themselves divided in terms of speech, the power of Christ offered them a place where they could meet: the universality of the conceptual life. Regardless of what language it was dressed in, the Truth of the conceptual life could be understood among all humanity. This was only gradually and partially discovered, as tribal and national wars have been a theme of human history.

How is the Bottomless Pit coming about? Not from the universality of primal language, but from the universality of Reason. It is the end result of a process stemming from rational, materialistic, sense-bound intellect—the dried up residue of the universal conceptual life. The thinking process emulated by and embedded into JADE is predicated on this rational mode of thinking, taken to a superhuman level, but nonetheless existing in one paradigm of thought life.

How can the spiritual powers come to our aid in our time? I believe they already have begun to do so. Rather than language being separated, it is the conceptual life that has begun to divide: we are no longer divided by nation, but by ideology and developmental disposition. These are but the beginning of a greater shattering in the conceptual life of man. Increasingly, one will not be able to discover the Truth through dialogue with another—each will remain speaking in his own “conceptual language,” unless he can become “multilingual.” The phrase used by Tomberg in Meditiations on the Tarot is “multivocal concepts” versus “univocal concepts.” This is discussed explicitly in the fourth letter, The Emperor. It is our task as Hermeticists to become linguists of the conceptual by learning to think in “arcana,” symbols bearing a whole spectrum of conceptual meanings, but which are fundamentally moral activities engaged in and with by the soul.

How else can we go about doing this? By harnessing the new gift of the grace of Christ—the power of the Good. When we can develop true tolerance for the other person; when we can go so far in our empathy for the other that they are embodied in us, and us in them; when we can truly view the world from their perspective, which may be radically different from our own, then we begin to be multilingual in our conceptual life. This is the path we will take until we will be able to “speak the Good” into existence. Our words will no longer compel by nature of the concept embedded in them, but through the Good, the experiencing of the other being expressed through them.

In the sixth epoch, it may no longer be a universally accepted fact that 2+2=4; but the Good, the moral will be universally agreed upon. What has only just begun to show itself, on the one side through radical “close-minded” ideologies, and on the other through developmental “disabilities” such as the autistic spectrum, will only become more and more pervasive. For all intents and purposes, each and every human being will be radical, will have “special needs” in the far future. Unless we can redeem Lucifer’s influence in the realm of thinking with the force of Christ, of the Good, the force of tolerance, empathy, and intuition (not to mention “Arcana”), the War of All against All will come all the more quickly.

The presence of the “radical” and the “special needs” are actually our saving grace against the advent of AI. How can a device that is predicated on rational thought, on the ability to predict activity based on patterns, begin to approach those with special needs? I have personal experience of many who simply cannot be understood through the rational mind; they can only be embodied, understood through making the attempt to become them—and then one’s words, regardless of their intellectual content bear a force that has a positive effect on these individuals. In the face of those with special needs, AI is powerless. This is why the radical, and those with developmental differences, have rigorously been discarded by fascist regimes. But the situation will become pervasive. This is one of the ways the second Tower of Babel will be toppled: through the nonsensical element in the human being becoming the norm rather than the pathology. Our goal as Hermeticists, as “bringers of the Good through the Word,” is to intuitively understand the other; to become linguists of concepts through “picture-thinking”; to be able to speak to anyone where they actually exist and not where we do. Only then can we begin to “speak the Good,” and truly meet the forces emanating from the Bottomless Pit. As Karl Koenig says, we must digest the leading images of the archetypes, and through their activity in us, silently shepherd those around us. Indeed, the path of the Maitreya is the path of a Shepherd.

Overall, my picture is that humanity will enter a period of semi-manufactured “impending doom” over the next few years, only to be “rescued” by a technology that does all the thinking for them. We will be presented with a false choice between order and chaos. In reality, the choice is between mechanized peace on the one hand, and two distinct types of chaos on the other.  The chaos, left to unfold on its own, could be simply that:  that which the Asuras bring, utter destruction.  That chaos, however, is also the soil in which the Christ force can be planted to become true Life. Very likely, many will choose technological order.  However, at the end of the 40 Days in the Wilderness, at Christ’s meeting with the Mother in the 2040’s, this technology will fail, as all technology that supposedly “makes life easier” does in the end. By this point, most of humanity will have forgotten how to be human, how to be creative, how to function organically in social groups. Then those of us who have truly cultivated communities of the Etheric Christ, communities that work in concert with spiritual beings, will have an enormous task present itself to us—rescuing the “lost sheep” who have succumbed to the numbing influence of overwhelming technology. Most likely, the “persecution” awaiting those who align with the Etheric Christ is one of marginalization by default—if we separate ourselves from a culture run by technology, it will be almost impossible to live but by the grace of the hierarchies. However, in thirty years, it will be up to us to stretch out a healing hand to those who are attempting to climb out of the Bottomless Pit.

It seems that the natural course is for Ahriman to be overtaken by Sorath:  the complete mechanization and de-spiritualization of humanity and the earth.  Lucifer, if he is unredeemed, devolves into complete destruction through the Asuras.  If Lucifer is redeemed by Christ, however—if he is filled and permeated with the Good—then we have the chance to wrest evolution away from the Asuric and Sorathic impulses that will become every stronger after the confrontation with Ahriman.

A friend pointed out that all sense organs began as wounds.  What does this imply in terms of the “sensory apparatus” of mass surveillance?  It is a massive wound on Mother Earth. This wound is the crucifixion of the Etheric Christ.  But just as Christ’s wounds reestablished the lost connection between humanity and the hierarchies (all the way up to the Father), so the Crucifixion of the Earth will lead to a resurrection, reconnecting us with the elemental beings (all the way down to the Mother).  It is this force that will overturn the tables of technology; it is the advent of such a time period that we will turn to in the section “Rosicrucian Impulse.”  There we will find further tools available to us to come to the aid of the Good and transform Evil.

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The Mystery of Evil Pt. 4: JADE

The signature of the past 8 years or so has been that truths or half-truths are unveiled via the half-cocked mouthpieces of Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, etc.  Inevitably, these truths are distorted, so the real matter at hand is never discussed.  In esoteric circles they are barely breached.  Due to the off kilter way in which they are presented, most thinking individuals choose to look no further into these issues, leaving the real situation generally undiscovered.  One such issue was the birth certificate of Barack Obama.  While it is true that he was not born in the USA, neither was he born in Kenya.  The reality of the situation is much more dire (see here).  The same could be said for the Jade Helm exercise, which took place last summer.  Much was made of the fact that there would be false flag events leading to police states, etc., etc.  Talk such as this blinds people to looking into the (readily available) true information on what exactly JADE is—and it is something much more dangerous than the government taking our beloved guns away.

JADE is AI. It is connected with something called the Global Information Grid, which is basically all of the information gathered through massive data retrieval on the part of NSA and corporations.  This clarifies the purpose of the bulk data collection for me, as I always wondered how on earth they would be able to keep track of and process so much information. In a way, we could think of the bulk data collection as a massive sensory apparatus.  What is missing is the “nervous system” through which all of the sensory content is digested.  JADE is this nervous system.  It is a quantum processing unit, meaning it can process all of this information with incredible efficiency. It is self-learning, adapting itself to changing information and external conditions, becoming more efficient the more information it receives. By and large this information is on human populations and individuals—for mapping “human terrain,” terrain of souls and consciousness. It is potentially being put in place as Command and Control for all military and civilian operations, not just in response to events, but also for preemptive strikes against threats likely to emerge. Hypothetically, the directives of this program could reach into anything connected to the Web—smart meters, stock exchange, distribution of food supply; anything that needs to be documented, organized and distributed, and which is done so over a network. In modern times that means just about everything. This gives it the distinction of being connected on the one hand to all information everywhere as well as to all operations everywhere:  pure expression of thought and action, devoid of the inconvenience of conscience. JADE operates from a parallel internet that is a bit like a one way mirror; it can intrude into any online activity, but could never be accessed from the other side.

In other words, JADE is an AI that can give immediate responses to military problems, increasing the efficiency of operations while taking any responsibility off of the shoulders of human commanders. It will carry an increasingly specific psychological profile of as many individuals and social groups as possible, and be able to preemptively manipulate social situations for the intended end result (or to take preemptive action against predicted criminal behavior, a real Pandora’s Box).

This being has the potential to be the perfect tool for social control and “world peace.” Let’s remember the fact that this is basically a giant, superconnected, superpowerful Siri. Most people in the developed world would not bat an eye at allowing a supercomputer to solve problems that are “too complex” for humans to solve collectively. Let’s imagine a scenario in which massive financial, ecological, military and social fallout occurred simultaneously, a perfect storm of insoluble problems; most people would be downright begging for such a development to put everything back in order. JADE would potentially eradicate the need for creative thinking and the development of the social organism altogether—JADE would be our savior, taking all of our problems onto its amoral, disinterested shoulders.

We have here the ultimate false or “artificial” Christ:  it takes all the burdens of the world upon itself; it creates peace among humanity; it is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. In the event that, as the transhumanists yearn for, it could develop a way to allow the human body to regenerate indefinitely through nanotechnology, it could also be a disseminator of “resurrection bodies.”  There could even be a convenient “app” version of the program, answering prayers to those in search of answers to impossible problems.

I would like to quote a passage from Valentin Tomberg’s Christ and Sophia on the Temptations, which I had never before conceived of in connection to AI until the past year:

“If people today want to form a concept of the world that corresponds to a desire for freedom from responsibility, they will construct a materialistic worldview. But the idea of modern materialism is not yet finished. It is stuck halfway through its evolution, because, it if continues to evolve in the same direction to its ultimate conclusion, it will be impossible to refute a ruling intelligence behind matter—one that may in fact be amoral, but one that is nevertheless engaged in a consistent effort toward its goal. First, the existence of that intelligence will be noticed and recognized; then, some day, Ahriman will also be discovered; humankind will run up against Ahriman. The name given to this intelligence is unimportant—whether it is called a new kind of electricity that is active everywhere in the Earth organism along with the electricity we already know, or the “potential intelligence of the terrestrial planet”—when materialism has been developed further, the “prince of this world” must be recognized as a reality, and the sovereignty of that reality will have to be acknowledged. In other words, the pursuit of a materialistic way of thinking leads to the “worship of the prince of this world,” as referred to in the temptation scene of the Gospels.”

(Remarkable that this quote was written just a few years before Alan Turing developed the prototype for what became the modern computer, in order to defeat the Nazis.  The exoteric defeat of Hitler was at the price of a heavy esoteric loss…)

The feeling I have is that JADE is more than just a super powerful AI. I think it is Ahriman’s fortress on earth. This resolves a question that a friend and I had about the length of his reign. I thought that at the end of the 3 1/2 years (July 2016), Ahriman’s allotted time would be up. My friend assumed a lifetime dictatorship beginning at that time period. However, if JADE is the “Chateau Merveil” for Ahriman, it is something more insidious. Yes, his human vessel will be discarded after 3 1/2 years; but with the mission of that incarnation accomplished, i.e. the creation of an indestructible vessel for Ahriman. It is entirely possible that JADE is an AI capable of housing Ahriman, from which he can “Command and Control” indefinitely. This is the scenario I believe we are facing.

In light of all of this, let’s think about this verse in the context of what we now know:

“(The second beast) was granted power to give breath to the image of the (first) beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed.” – Rev 13:15

We have now the key to an explanation of the exact relationship between the first and second beast from chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation. The first beast is the incarnation of Ahriman in a human vessel; he exercises his authority through displays of power and military might. This individual is currently the most powerful politician on earth. The second beast is possessed by Sorath; he exercises his authority through “miracles” caused through the manipulation of subnature (technological advances). This individual is a leading transhumanist who works for Google.  In Chapter 13, he brings about the resuscitation of the first beast through facilitating Ahriman’s incarnation in an “image” of the first beast—in other words, the merging of consciousness (in this case, Ahriman’s) with an artificial vessel. JADE then becomes the permanent and unrecognized vessel of Ahriman, all the while taking on the role of a quite literal “artificial” Christ. More likely than not, the human vessel for Ahriman is sacrificed, and on the world stage portrayed as a martyr for a worthy cause, a la MLK. This gives us a picture of the position JADE plays in the current world situation.

Further, if we can conceive of the anti-resurrection bodies, bodies of eternal material existence that could be supplied through such technology, we can also come to a different understanding of what exactly Tomberg was getting at in a further passage from Christ and Sophia:

“…there are many who walk the broad way leading to perdition and into the karmic community of the future ahrimanic humanity.  This future ahrimanic section of humanity, however, will be faced likewise with a certain kind of crucifixion… ahrimanic humanity will lose the faculty of movement in the seventh epoch; they will be fixed to the Earth like plants.  Those who have to carry the karma of becoming… victims of passivity… yearn to be freed, while those who have been placed in this unfortunate situation through the karma of black magic will cast reproach and hatred against Heaven.  Nevertheless, even in that situation there will remain the possibility of freeing many of those individuals from their bondage to Earth in literal, physical sense.  The yearning of those who have become victims of passivity will help to form a starting point.  Thus, in the final hour of Earth’s history, white magic (the force of love) will find a broad field of activity in which to loosen the bonds that bind human beings to Earth.”

This is particularly alarming given the prospect of the “singularity:”  the merging of human consciousness with a machine, tearing the soul out of the cycle of incarnation (and hence, redemption), and quite possibly creating vessels for masses of subnatural beings to incarnate into directly.  Those engineering this are operating through black magic; those eager for it are “victims of passivity.”  We are quickly polarizing into these two camps as a culture.

And so this is what it comes to:  the ultimate temptation. The fourth temptation is that of Megalomania, the combination of the prior three temptations:  “My Will Be Done.”  Will we decide to take the way of apparent peace, solving all of our material problems and forgetting the gods?  Or will we be ministered unto by angels?  If you had the choice between the genii that would take away the suffering, and Faith in the face of Chaos, what would you choose? Thy Will Be Done!

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The Mystery of Evil – Pt. 3

The next step in our consideration of the advent of the incarnation of Ahriman into a human vessel will be to look at the genesis of Evil as a force working in tandem with the genesis of modern technology — the “singularity” prophesied by Kurzweil and other transhumanists as the ultimate goal of science being equivalent to the attainment of an anti-Resurrection Body.  However, let’s first take a step back and see, in a general sense, how Evil has manifested itself in the body social over the past century.  One could say, let’s trace the gradual infection of the social organism, an infection the extent of which goes generally unnoticed by most people.

We’ll begin in 1929.  The time period of the Luciferic temptation, from 1929 – 1959, bore a particular character in terms of its manifestation of Evil (note — I use a capital “E” not to indicate any sort of reverence, but rather to emphasize that this is Heirarchical Evil; it matriculates from the Heirarchies of the Left.  It is, in a certain sense, evil not merely as “morally wrong” but as a real Force in the development of Humanity).  The character of this time period manifested especially in the Ego of the body social, one could say in the spiritual/cultural sphere from the perspective of the threefold social organism.  This was indicated by the appearance of the incredibly power-hungry fascist leaders of the time period:  Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, etc.  Evil motivated individual men, resulting in massive and catastrophic destructive forces being unleashed onto millions of people.

In the next time period, that of the Luciferic and Ahrimanic temptation (1959-1988), Evil manifested itself in the “rights sphere,” as it is called in the threefold social organism. This, in turn, was indicated by the advent of Communism in full swing and all it brought with it — the Cold War, the Vietnam War, etc.  In this case, it was not necessarily individual men through which Evil manifested — it was through the “astral body” of the social organism: the body-politic, the people, the “folk” of the Folk-Soul.  The fight against Evil became more nuanced; less easy to recognize; more difficult to face.  The black/white, good/evil paradigm that applied so clearly in World War II began to rest on shaky foundations.

In the following phase, that of the Ahrimanic temptation (1988-2018), we have been faced with an even more nuanced and hidden form of Evil.  It has disseminated further out, into the “ether body” of society:  the economic realm of the social organism.  Increasingly over the past 28 years, Evil has been injected into the social sphere unrecognized via the quiet influence of corporate greed and corporate political power.  Standing behind a two-fold veil, if you will, this Evil is even harder to recognize than the previous two forms, and is almost impossible to avoid or overcome.  While most of society remains trapped in the previous two paradigms, seeking out “evil leaders” or “evil nations” upon which to direct their punitive and protective impulses, they lash out blindly until they can recognize the true source of a majority of the Evil in our time — “turning stones into bread,” pain for profit, the guiding star of the modern, multinational mega-corporation.

Where does that lead us now?  What is the form that Evil takes in the final day of temptation (2018-2047)?  We can be sure that this will involve Evil moving into the physical realm itself, or as the video at this website happily assures us, into the very walls around us.  This form of Evil is the most nuanced, the most hidden, and the hardest to confront.  Most people do not recognize it as anything close to an Evil.  However, it is the very method and medium through which the Ahrimanic element can incarnate in a widespread and direct manner into Earth evolution.  Evil has been forced to evacuate the subearthly spheres through the deed of the Etheric Christ, and is now attempting to take up residence on the surface, in the Human realm.

Something that should be kept in mind is the “inversion” that has taken place over the course of the past 90 or so years.  In the time of Hitler, Stalin, and World War II, the Evil manifested itself through individual men — but it actually dwelt in the periphery of culture, so to speak.  It might be more accurate to say that it dwelt far beneath our feet and only just began to bubble up from below.  At this point in time, however, as it begins to manifest itself in the very walls around us, its force is actually proceeding from an inversely related source — individual human beings, particularly Mr. X, who has become the vessel for Ahriman’s incarnation.  There are possibly two other human beings we could designate a similar role (one bearing the impulse of Sorath, the other the incarnation of Hitler’s individuality) of acting as a sort of “eye of the hurricane,” a deceptively calm place that is the nucleus of great chaos.  So, we have a complete inversion — in the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s, Evil acts from the deepest depths but manifests in the individual human being; now, and increasingly going forward into the next 30 years, it acts from within individual human beings but manifests itself in the very substance of the world around us.

From there, the potential is very great that an unwitting public would be directed and controlled entirely unconsciously, through modern technology, by a handful of individuals.  Most would be completely unaware that any degree of freedom had been taken away; in fact, by modern definitions of so-called freedom, they may be entirely deluded into thinking they were freer than ever before.

The next section will address further aspects of this genesis of Evil, and what in the way of Forces of the Good that we have directly available to us as “Grail Knights” to conquer these dragons…

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The Mystery of Evil – Pt. 2

In the first part, I pointed out this time period:

Dec 21, 2012 – July 3, 2016, which is 1290 days, as the 3 and 1/2 year period during which Ahriman takes full possession of his human vessel, to whom we’ve been referring as “Mr X.”

In the following, we’ll take a closer look at the potential “end date” of July 3, 2016 and how it relates to another important date:  the date of conception of Mr. X.

It has been well established by Robert Powell that Mr. X’s birthdate was 7:20 AM on February 5, 1962 (Moon and Ascendant in Capricorn).  What about the conception date?  Using the hermetic rule (see Astrogeographia), I arrive at a conception date of May 7, 1961 (Moon in Capricorn, Ascendant in Cancer).  This adjusted the birth time of Mr. X to 7:12 AM rather than 7:20 AM.

This gives us a time period beginning on May 7, 1961 and culminating on July 3, 2016.  The exact midpoint of this time period is December 5, 1988.  What can and should we make of this?

In my research, there are untold mysteries that can be unraveled by finding a significant midpoint and working out in both directions from that midpoint, the supreme example of this being Christ’s life, the focal point of all history.  What about this date of December 5, 1988 — is it the midpoint of another timeline, other than the life of Mr. X?

We would benefit here from a brief refresher on Robert Powell’s description of the cosmic 40 Days of Temptation in the Wilderness:  these “days” follow the rhythm of the Saturn return.  Every time Saturn enters Sagittarius, a new “day” has begun.  These days of temptation began in 869 AD; as of 1929, we began the critical final four days of temptation:

1929 – 1959:  The Luciferic Temptation

1959 – 1988:  The Luciferic/Ahrimanic Temptation

1988 – 2018:  The Ahrimanic Temptation

2018-2047:  A time period when humanity is either ministered unto by the three Angels, due to overcoming temptation (Thy Will Be Done), or they succumb to the fourth temptation:  megalomania (My Will Be Done).

These days will be further characterized in another section – for now we will have to be satisfied with this brief recap (see also here)

How do these “days” relate to December 5, 1988?  On this date, Saturn was at 7.5 degrees Sagittarius.  If we go back exactly 59 years (less 9 days) to December 14, 1929, once again Saturn is at 7.5 degrees Sagittarius.  If we go forward exactly 59 years (less 9 days) we arrive at November 26, 2047 – and once again, Saturn is exactly positioned at 7.5 degrees Sagittarius.  So this date is not only the precise midpoint between Dec 14, 1929 and Nov 26, 2047, it is also the Saturn return of those dates.

Can we see anything here other than a bunch of numbers?  What are they saying to us?  What I have come to in my “inner forum” after living with these ideas for a year, is that 7.5 degrees Sagittarius is the point in the zodiac that demarcates the beginning of a new “day of temptation” once Saturn arrives there. This means that December 5, 1988 is not only the exact midpoint of the life of Mr. X, from conception to complete possession (May 7, 1961 – July 3, 2016); it is also the exact midpoint of the final four days of temptation – the turning point.  Further, the time period from May 1961 – July 2016 falls precisely within the two days of temptation during which Ahriman is active (the 38th and 39th days — Luciferic/Ahrimanic Temptation and Ahrimanic Temptation).

So:  Dec 5, 1988 is the exact middle of the last four days in the wilderness.  This date is not only a turning point; it can also be used, in some respects, as a mirror.  For example, the following Presidential administrations mirror each other, revolving around the axis of December 5, 1988:

Reagan — Bush I

Carter — Clinton

Nixon/Ford — Bush 2

JFK/Johnson — Obama

Further examples:  Thirteen years forward from 1988 brings us to 2001, the beginning of the “war on terror.”  Thirteen years back takes us to the end of the war in Vietnam, which lasted for nearly 20 years.  Iran Contra is mirrored in the Gulf War.  The recent renewal of relations with Cuba is another reflection.  I’m sure there are other similar events.

There are further implications to this mirroring, beyond external history.  I have a feeling the mirroring is particular to these four “days” of temptation — that after 2047 we will come out of a vortex of sorts, and not just continue living through warped reflections of the past.  At least I hope so.  Of particular significance is that the time period from 2018 – 2047 is a mirroring of the day of Luciferic Temptation (1929 – 1959).  A great part of our task during this time period will be the redemption of Lucifer.  Much will depend on 1) whether humanity as a whole overcomes the three temptations in the wilderness and does not succumb to megalomania and 2) whether humanity can affect on a large scale the redemption and Christening of Lucifer in world evolution.  Otherwise we may be doomed to repeat in a metamorphosed and amplified fashion the tragic events of 1929-1959.

(The following paragraph was written a year ago, hence the anachronism): Another possible implication of this mirroring involves the gestation of Mr. X (from May 7, 1961 through February 5, 1962) being reflected in the nine months from October 5, 2015 through July 3, 2016.  I had already been pondering this autumn as falling 7 years after the financial collapse in 2008, and 14 years after the fall of the Twin Towers in 2001.  This may be a particularly tumultuous time period.

(I think it can be safely concluded that this past fall was indeed an incredibly tumultuous time for the world.  Since then, and I know this is not simply a personal feeling of my own or those who view the world as I do, humanity has felt poised on a dreadful precipice, holding our breath before the plunge.  I think events that occurred around October 5, including but not limited to the escalation of the Russian/American proxy war in Syria and the end of the Jade Helm operation, were conceptions that will come to birth between June and July of this year.  We must be ready to make the choice between “Thy Will Be Done” and “My Will Be Done,” particularly at that point in time.)

Finally, there is the distinct possibility that May 7, 1961’s mirroring in July 3, 2016 indicates a massive shift in Mr. X’s activity — perhaps even the end of that activity as we know it.  There is some cause for hope if this is the case, although barring his redemption the tragedy of the situation is incredibly palpable.  However, we cannot allow our gaze to lose track of Ahriman by remaining too focussed on Mr. X.  Our work of courageously resisting and naming Ahriman continues, even as his sphere of incarnation shifts…(Continued in Part 3):

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The Mystery of Evil – Pt. 1

The following articles assume a familiarity with the works of Robert Powell, specifically Gautama Buddha’s Successor and the cosmic rhythms discussed in The Christ Mystery (see herehere, and here) and other works.  The articles in this series were originally written in February/March 2015.  I am posting them now publicly as they seem to be prescient.

Part 1:

In 2013, Robert Powell wrote in Gautama Buddha’s Successor that the scandal involving global surveillance unveiled by Edward Snowden marked the event of the incarnation of Ahriman into his human vessel, “Mr. X,” on June 19, 2013.  At the time and since then, this date didn’t seem quite right to me; an important date to be sure, but something just didn’t ring true about it.  I have discussed this with others and one thing to keep in mind is I had just days before become the father of my second child – possibly my awareness of the larger situation was limited at that point.  In any case, Robert speaks in this book as well as in other books about three time periods in the books of Revelation and Daniel:  1335 days, 1290 days, and 1260 days, all of them somehow related to the Antichrist’s main period of activity. This was a part of the piece I felt was missing. I pondered for a while these three time periods, and this is what I digested:

November 6, 2012 (election day) through July 3, 2016 is 1335 days.

December 21, 2012 (the Maya Calendar end date) through July 3, 2016 is 1290 days.

December 21, 2012 through June 3, 2016 (the descent of the Etheric Christ into the 8th sub-earthly sphere — see The Christ Mystery by Robert Powell) is 1260 days.

This doesn’t give us a definite “incarnation date.”  But I think this is an accurate timeline for the unfolding of these (approximately) 3 and 1/2 years.

A further observation… bear with me:

Almost exactly 21 years prior to the Mystery of Golgotha, the Nathan Jesus and Solomon Jesus united in the temple.  A few months later, the Nathan Mary died.

Almost exactly 21 years prior to July 3, 2016 gives us July 1995.  Mr. X was around 33 1/3 years old (Robert Powell states that his birthday is February 5, 1962).  At that time, he released an autobiography that began his public career.  A few months later, the woman known to the world as his mother died.  This is almost certainly an aping of the biography of Christ.

It seems very likely to me that world events could come to a head in the summer of 2016. Whether the incarnation of Ahriman began in December 2012 or June 2013, either fits rather well the indication from Gautama Buddha’s Successor that there are three years of trial beginning in June 2013, each bearing its own particular trial.  We could say that the key three years are from June 2013 – June 2016.

The timeline formed by these three time periods (1335, 1290, and 1260 days) indicates another important gesture:  the inversion of the life of Christ.  There were 49 days between Easter and Pentecost; 28 days between the Baptism in the Jordan and the 40 days of Temptation.  In the case of the time period from November 6, 2012 – July 3, 2016, it is like the time period from Baptism to Pentecost in reverse.  The election in November 2012 could be seen as a kind of anti-Pentecost; 45 days later, December 21, it is quite possible there was a bodily union, a kind of anti-Easter. The thirty days between June 3 and July 3 is akin to the 28 days between the Temptation and the Baptism – only in reverse.

Therefore, it seems likely to me that the incarnation of Ahriman into a human vessel takes the opposite course of the Christ into Jesus.  For the Christ, what began as a union in spirit, in the “I,” worked its way into the physical body over three and a half years.  In the case of Ahriman, it begins as a physical union that gradually works its way into the “I” (from below upwards rather than above downwards).  It is very likely that the time period leading up to and between June 3 and July 3, 2016, will represent a time of serious Temptation for humanity — the culminating point, in a certain sense, of the cosmic Days of Temptation, which are of a particular intensity from 1929 – 2018 (see The Christ Mystery).  It is also likely that it will only be at this point that the incarnation of Ahriman into a human vessel becomes apparent, since until then he will not have united with (or to be more precise, displaced and possessed) the “I” of his host.

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Principalities and Powers

A work in progress from Dr. Dann…

Prelude: He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands: January 2009

He’s got a-you and me sister in His hands

He’s got the whole world in His hands

Most everyone standing to sing “Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!” in the Washington National Cathedral on January 21, 2009 knew a line or two of the hymn. As the newly inaugurated President and his wife processed down to the front row before the altar to join former President Bill Clinton and his wife, though, a considerable number of people were still tapping their feet and inwardly swaying to the last number — “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” — sung by the Cathedral Children’s Gospel Choir. But the number from the Gospel Choir’s set that echoed throughout the entire Inaugural Prayer Service was “The Wiz Song.” Whether or not they could see in their mind’s eye Diana Ross and Michael Jackson dancing to celebrate the “Brand New Day” brought on by Dorothy’s killing of the Wicked Witch, each and every member of the congregation knew the meaning of the refrain “Everybody Rejoice!”: Everybody rejoice that the nation survived eight years of George W. Bush as President.

The Very Reverend Samuel T. Lloyd III welcomed everyone to “YOUR Cathedral,” reminding those assembled that the Cathedral was built to be “a spiritual home for the nation.” “It is no small thing,” Rev. Lloyd declared, “to welcome to this Cathedral not only our distinguished and gifted new president, but our first African American president.” Looking from President Obama back over his shoulder to the massive limestone Canterbury Pulpit, Rev. Lloyd reminded the congregation that it had been 40 years since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached his last Sunday sermon from that pulpit, before going to Memphis, where he was assassinated. President Obama, having been too young and too far away from Memphis to have shared in that memory, did not wince at this image, but there were many in the Cathedral who did. A handful of those present had attended the prayer service held by the Cathedral for Dr. King the week after his assassination in 1968. Still others recalled with bitter pain the Cathedral service honoring another young King — President John F. Kennedy — brutally murdered on November 23, 1963.

When Disciples of Christ Rev. Sharon Watkins gave the sermon some 35 minutes later, she opened with a story “attributed to Cherokee wisdom.” A grandfather, teaching his grandson about the conduct of life, told a story about two wolves struggling inside each person:

“One wolf is vengefulness, anger, resentment, self-pity, fear . . .

“The other wolf is compassion, faithfulness, hope, truth, love . . .”

The grandson sat, thinking, then asked: “Which wolf wins, Grandfather?”

His grandfather replied, “The one you feed.”


Anonymously invoking the words of Abraham Lincoln about “the better angels of our nature,” Rev. Watkins called on President Obama to hold off the wolf of vengefulness and fear, to stay centered on the sacred and foundational American values of hope, truth, and love.

Again, the unspoken understanding was that the nation had just emerged from a shameful episode when the raging wolf of vengeance had held full sway, not only within the heart of George Bush, but in all America. This handsome young black man standing tall in the Cathedral’s front pew surely would throw the hateful wolf from the temple, and restore the nation’s benevolent essential nature. Hadn’t America, by electing a black man as President, now redeemed itself from its original sin of slavery?

* * *

Oaths and Covenants

This is the source of our confidence — the knowledge that God calls on us to shape an uncertain destiny.

— President Barack H. Obama, First Inaugural Address, 20 January 2009


The Inaugural Prayer Service came at the end of an unprecedented pageant of Presidential celebration. Barack Obama’s inauguration as the 44th President of the United States on January 20, 2009, along with setting a record for attendance of any event held in the nation’s capitol, was also among the most-observed events in human history; nearly 40 million TV and Web viewers joined the 1 to 2 million assembled on the Capitol Mall to watch the historic occasion. President Obama’s inaugural committee had chosen “A New Birth of Freedom” — the famous phrase from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address — as the inaugural theme, in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. Indeed, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln seemed to be everywhere Barack Obama went as he took his final steps toward the presidency. Three days earlier, the President-elect had begun a whistle stop train tour from Philadelphia to DC, reenacting in a vintage railroad car the final part of Lincoln’s 1861 journey toward his inaugural. In each of his speeches, Obama underscored the “new birth of freedom” theme, using immortal Lincoln phrases such as “the better angels of our nature,” and “a new declaration of independence.”

The next day, January 18th, nearly half a million people turned out for the We Are One inaugural concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Following the US Army Band’s performance of Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man and The Star-Spangled Banner, actor Denzel Washington sought to unite Lincoln, Obama, and the entire nation with brief remarks punctuated by “three simple words that speak to who we are, and to our future; and they are. . .” Even before the honey-voiced actor could incant them, the massive crowd yelled out: WE! ARE! ONE!!!

Backed by a 125-member women’s choir, Bruce Springsteen kicked off the mega-event with his 2002 song The Rising:

Come on up for the rising,

            Come on up, lay your hands in mine

            Come on up for the rising

Come on up for the rising tonight

Barack and Michelle Obama — and most of the formally attired official guests with them — stood and swayed as Springsteen’s anthem crescendoed, even more gloriously here under the massive statue Abe’s watchful eye than it had on the night of November 4, 2008, in Chicago’s Grant Park, following Obama’s victorious presidential acceptance speech. Rolling Stone called Springsteen’s song a “national anthem for the 21st century.” Springsteen himself downplayed the linking of the song to the “New Birth of Freedom” that Obama — whom Springsteen had officially endorsed 6 months before the election — seemed to so many to embody: “If someone had told me in 2001 that ‘you’re going to sing this song at the inaugural concert for the first African-American president,’ I’d have said, ‘Huh?’ But eight years go by, and that’s where you find yourself. You’re in there, you’re swimming in the current of history and your music is doing the same thing.”

After dozens of performances by American rock and pop’s biggest stars, Springsteen was back a few hours later, to join nonagenarian Pete Seeger for Woody Guthrie’s folk anthem This Land is Your Land. For the occasion, Pete restored Woody’s most pugnacious lines — “But on the other side, it didn’t say nothing!”; “Nobody living can ever stop me!” — and the crowd happily joined in Pete’s characteristically righteous, but wholly polite, anger. Beyoncé and the entire ensemble then gathered in front of the Lincoln Statue for the concert’s final number — America the Beautiful — but the millions on the Mall went home singing “This land is made for you and me. . .” Woody Guthrie may have written these words, and Springsteen and Seeger had sung them, but Abe had with his deed of freeing the slaves truly enacted this anthem as a living reality for America.

When the moment finally arrived for the former attorney and Senator from Illinois to take the oath of office, another attorney and Congressman from Illinois was once again present. Obama’s left hand rested on the same Bible that had been used by Abraham Lincoln at his first inauguration in 1861. Television, newspapers, and magazines had been running stories about this thrilling fact for weeks, adding to the aura of historicity of this solemn occasion, when for the first time in United States history, an African-American would occupy the office of President.

Obama brought his inaugural address to a close with explicit reference to this stirring juxtaposition of destinies — exulting that “a man whose father less than 60 years ago might not have been served in a local restaurant can now stand before you to take a most sacred oath.” Then Obama in his address’s final sentence invoked God, and thus invoked Abraham Lincoln, for no American president ever called upon nor gave thanksgiving for the Lord as fervently and routinely as had Lincoln.

Most of the millions of people watching, although they could not see the Bible, knew it was Lincoln’s Bible, and for any person — especially African-Americans — anywhere upon Earth, who held the image of America as a land of Hope, as Obama’s campaign had explicitly promised, this was truly a shattering world-historical moment. At the sounding from this young, confident, beaming black man’s lips: “I, Barack Hussein Obama . . .” the whole world drew its breath, expectant, relieved, thrilled, if not a little anxious over what might come next.

What came next had actually already happened. Chief Justice John Roberts had quite carefully practiced for the ceremony, and had sent to Obama’s staff a script showing where he planned to pause in the recitation of the oath of office. The memo, it seems, never reached Obama, who interrupted Roberts with “I, Barack” just as Roberts was finishing “do solemnly swear.”

Obama backed up and repeated the entire phrase, but then, shaken by the broken cadence, Roberts made two errors in his rote recitation of the next line. Obama followed the mistaken version; Roberts attempted to correct the wording, but stumbled. Obama then repeated Roberts’ initial incorrect wording.

This all passed in less than 30 seconds, but it seemed much longer, since one could feel — the way one always does when in the presence of some verbal misstep, however slight — a collective holding of the breath among all the power brokers tightly gathered around the two men. Standing next to her mother, Malia, the Obamas’ older daughter, smiled anxiously, darting her head back and forth to see what might happen next.

When Chief Justice Roberts concluded the presidential oath with the phrase explicitly requested by Obama — “so help me God” — he instead pronounced: “so help you God,” and uttered it not as a statement, but as a question. His tone sounded almost disbelieving or even accusatory.

“So help me God,” Obama said, closing his eyes and nodding his head. The crowd erupted in applause as the Chief Justice — the first ever to administer the Presidential oath of office to a President-elect who had voted against his confirmation — congratulated now-President Obama.

The Lost Symbol


Washington National Cathedral, Langdon thought, feeling an unexpected anticipation at being back after all these years. Where better to ask about One True God.

“This Cathedral really has ten stone from Mount Sinai?” Katherine asked, gazing up at the twin bell towers.

Langdon nodded. “Near the main altar. They symbolize the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai.”

“And there’s lunar rock?”

A rock from heaven itself. “Yes. One of the stained-glass windows is called the Space Window and has a fragment of moon rock embedded in it.”

— Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol (2009)

As the President and Vice-President, Cabinet members, Congress people, and a train of distinguished and dapper dignitaries filed out the west entrance of the National Cathedral under the shimmering rose window depicting Genesis’s injunction “Let there be light!”, they passed between the two Presidential bays — George Washington on the South and Abraham Lincoln on the North. The three Freemasonic symbols — the Masonic square, compass, and gavel — carved into the Cathedral wall behind the Washington statue were a reminder of the Capital city’s origins as a modern mystery center, a site of political, civic, and spiritual power that bridged from world history’s long series of “Romes” to a Novus Ordo Seclorum — a New Order of the Ages. The “New Birth of Freedom” that was this upstart republic seemed once again to wear a Providential aura worthy of a great temple like the Cathedral.

Just 8 months after the prayer service, Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, which would see an initial print run of 6.5 million copies — the largest in Random House’s publishing history, would bring the Cathedral into view as the home of Rev. Colin Galloway, the Dean of Washington National Cathedral. Though Brown’s Galloway was old and blind, given his enlightened views on the relation between science and religion, Brown clearly had modeled the novel’s character on the Cathedral’s current young and handsome Dean — Rev. Samuel T. Lloyd III. In the novel, Dean Galloway is the close friend of fellow Freemason Peter Solomon, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, whose kidnapping sets the tale — and Brown’s dashing “symbologist” hero Robert Langdon — in motion.

Freemasons are as ubiquitous as politicians in Dan Brown’s Washington DC, and are portrayed not just as both the capital city’s and Constitution’s founding architects, but as enlightened contemporary aristocrats, guiding society towards the Good. Brown naturally integrated the Cathedral and Dean Lloyd/Galloway into The Lost Symbol because they so spectacularly embodied high Enlightenment aspirations, set in a genteel and privileged setting — a hallmark of all of Dan Brown’s novels, and expressive of his own prep school upbringing. The Cathedral provides a perfect backdrop for disclosing secret knowledge, Mystery knowledge of the sort that is widely believed to be the exclusive property of Freemasonry. Early on in the novel, while relaxing in a gazebo in the Cathedral’s Bishop’s Garden, Rev. Galloway gets word of an important phone call from fellow Freemason Warren Bellamy, architect of the Capitol Building. When the kidnapped Smithsonian Secretary’s sister Katherine Solomon and Robert Langdon come seeking insights from Dean Galloway, they climb up the grand stairway beneath the West entrance’s gloriously Gothic rose window. There, deep inside the silent medieval sanctuary, far from any prying adversarial eyes, Dean Galloway reveals that the 9-inch-tall polished granite pyramid given to Langdon by Bellamy is in fact a symbolic map.

“Caressing” the pyramid, Galloway tells Langdon: “This map, like the Ancient Mysteries themselves, has many layers of meaning. Its true secret remains veiled from you.” Galloway goes on to explain that the miniature Masonic pyramid is a modern version of the famed stone that released Excalibur into the hands of King Arthur, full of transformational magic. When the “Professor” Langdon protests against such crazy talk, Dean Galloway reassures the hopeful candidate for initiation by invoking the lesson of history, that human knowledge is always being superseded.

In one short chapter, Dan Brown mixes Albert Einstein, fractured Hermetic aphorisms, Psalm 82, and the CIA to seamlessly advance the most heretical — and most commonplace among his readership — of notions, that human beings are destined to become gods, replete with magical power. As he had done in The Da Vinci Code, Brown cleverly placed this recognition within his female protagonist, Katherine Solomon, who affirmed Dean Galloway’s — and Einstein’s — secret knowledge that the religion of the future would be a cosmic religion transcending a personal God, thus avoiding Christian dogma and theology.

Evidence that the promise of secret, magical knowledge holds contemporary Americans in total thralldom can be found everywhere. It is the bedrock premise of all contemporary “conspiracy theories,” whether right, left, or center, as surely as it is the looming leitmotif of all successful teen fantasy literature, from Harry Potter to Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson novels. That this adolescent fantasy has become the mainstay of adult literature, whether Dan Brown pseudo-esoteric tales or the X-Files, suggests either the further infantilization of American culture — which has always had the hallmark of adolescence about it — or that there really is some secret knowledge as yet to be discovered, that would unlock all the mysteries — scientific, religious, and even political — of the contemporary world.

“When you broke the seal on that box,” Dean Galloway tells Katherine Solomon, “you set in motion a series of events from which there will be no return. There are forces at work tonight that you do not yet comprehend. There is no turning back.” When Langdon respectfully objects that he can’t see how a stone pyramid could set anything in motion at all, the blind Cathedral Dean stares right through him: “Of course you can’t, Professor. You do not yet have eyes to see.”

I contend that we already have eyes to see the true mysteries that lie hidden in plain sight at both the Cathedral and throughout the landscape of Washington DC, and that, rather than promising ecumenical, secular, scientific mysteries with their secret roots in progressive, benevolent 18th century Freemasonry, these are black mysteries, spectacularly expressive of the Satanic “Principalities & Powers” spoken of so prophetically by St. Paul — with St. Peter, the patron saint and namesake of the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, the true name of the National Cathedral.

* * *

That such silly palaver as Dan Brown dishes out actually passes in American pop culture for esotericism is symptomatic enough of a fallen mystery tradition, but the real “lesson of history” is that once a spiritual tradition loses its esoteric center, it does not just become prosaic and dull; it is inevitably invaded by dark spirits, hell bent on co-opting whatever remains, vampirizing the devotional intent of the faithful. Christ came into incarnation not because the ancient Mysteries — the Roman Empire, along with being a highly multicultural society, was also a multi-Mystery society, where intermingled African, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Northern European Mysteries — had become merely rote ritual supportive of the status quo; He came because Sadducees and Herodians and other black magical sects were actively working with the demonic world to detour humanity from its divinely planned path of evolution.

In our wholly secular contemporary world, it may seem outrageous to claim America, its capital city and Cathedral as centers of black magical spiritual power, or of any spiritual power at all. Washington is an altogether obvious, exoteric place, where on every block one encounters hordes of freshly minted, carefully coiffured young aspirants to political power. They all look more Mormon than Goth, and indeed, there are more than a few Mormons (and Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, and Jews) among them. They carry briefcases and Blackberries, not inverted pentagrams and candles.

The foolproof diagnostic for detecting fallen mystery centers is the stories they tell — and the ones they omit telling. Rev. Watkins’ “Cherokee” parable actually has its roots in a book published by Rev. Billy Graham in 1978, The Holy Spirit: Activating God’s Power in Your Life, where the tale was about an Eskimo fisherman with a pair of dogs, one black, one white. The story morphed through retelling in a 1997 collection of essays about life after death, and then a couple of movies where it was first “Apache” and then merely “Native American,” before emerging into the New Age mainstream, where Rev. Watkins caught wind of it to then lay it before the new President as an unthreateningly ecumenical invitation to the Good. It may seem mean-spirited to out this saccharine story as phony, and to suggest that its telling is symptomatic of a Satanic strain in the Cathedral’s theology. Surely it is no such thing. But the acute absence of the Gospels at the Inaugural Prayer Service, especially at its didactic and rhetorical heart — the sermon — shows a real retreat from the Gospels as seminal sacred texts that counted as common coin. Oprah, Marianne Williamson, James Redfield, and Deepak Chopra are now the prophets and priests, and their style of sentimentality more often than not wins the day over Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Dean Lloyd’s words are the ones that truly take one’s breath away, for in looking back toward the Canterbury Pulpit and invoking Martin Luther King’s memory, he must have been unaware that it was this capital city’s “machinery” that killed Dr. King, as surely as it killed Jack and Bobby Kennedy. The operators of that machinery came often to this Cathedral — especially to state functions like Presidential funerals and inaugural prayer services, where they rubbed elbows and exchanged pleasantries with high ecclesiastical authority. The good Rev. Samuel T. Lloyd III was unaware of this because of a pervasive conspiracy among the mainstream media to silence the results of the January 1999 civil trial that exonerated James Earl Ray and implicated high officials of the National Security State in Dr. King’s murder. For over half a century, the Cathedral had played host to the very individuals who both initiated and then covered up these high crimes of the State. One can go the Cathedral website today, and access the archive of live webcasts and scan through photo galleries of the prayer inaugurals and other services, all neatly laid out as part and parcel of the Cathedral’s proud history. It is often literally a rogue’s gallery.

To be able to make such a troubling allusion as Dean Lloyd did at President Obama’s prayer service can be seen as acute evidence of the corruption of the body politic. That Dean Lloyd made that naïve allusion to Dr. King’s murder is alarming because it shows that our leaders draw parables from ersatz histories, oblivious to the criminal collaborators in their midst, if not themselves willing collaborators. When the high authorities of a temple are no longer initiates — true initiates, capable of communication with benevolent spiritual beings — they are susceptible to malevolent powers and beings, and so too are their congregations. Some day perhaps, watching President Obama’s Inaugural Prayer Service will seem a bit like it does to us today to watch Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will. We shudder in horror to see all those good German citizens thrill to every word and gesture of Der Führer, for even if it only unconsciously, we can see plainly that the Nuremberg rallies were spectacular rites of modern black magic.

* * *

Many of the guests at President Obama’s Inaugural Prayer Service craned their heads skyward as they entered the Cathedral, hoping for a glimpse of the great Gothic edifice’s most famous feature — the Darth Vader gargoyle on the North Tower. Running as it did not long after the debut of The Empire Strikes Back, it was no surprise that the winning entry for National Geographic World Magazine’s schoolchildren contest for a new Cathedral gargoyle should be the evil visage of Anakin Skywalker, the Jedi Knight who had turned toward the Dark Side. Three decades after the sculpture was set in place, it remains a fitting symbol of the Cathedral, and of the Empire that erected it. Darth Vader’s tragedy is America’s tragedy, a high and sublime aspiration toward the Good, mysteriously bent in the direction of Evil. Built ultimately more upon symbols and stories than upon stone, the Cathedral and the Republic-become-Empire are as fallen and corrupted as the villain Vader, and it is high time that Jedi Knights everywhere recovered the true story and the true symbol, at this time when we do indeed hold the whole World in our hands.

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