The Sacrifices of Jesus and Christ, pt. 13

Keeping in mind the indications from the previous section, we can also look to the individuality of Abel—Solomon—Mary Magdalene—Response de Schoye.

In the book Through the Eyes of Mary Magdalene, Book II: From Initiation to the Passion, Estelle Isaacson writes of Magdalene’s three-day initiation in the cave by Christ just prior to the Passion, bold emphasis mine, editorial in brackets:

“The three days of initiations were also a preparation, a seed-planting, both for her future and for that of humanity as a whole. The three days’ initiations corresponded to the following three and a half millennia of her incarnations, as well as the incarnations of humanity as a whole.

The Friday initiation prepared the soil and planted the seeds for her incarnations during the first thousand [approximately 1181] years. This initiation corresponded to the trial, scourging, crowning with thorns, bearing of the cross, crucifixion, death, descent into hell, overcoming of Satan, and everything these events encompassed—every action, every feeling, every word, spoken and unspoken.

The Saturday initiation was a preparation for the second thousand years of her incarnations [ending around the year 2394]. This corresponded to the washing and anointing of the body of Christ, the enshrouding, the visiting of the souls imprisoned in the underworld, the ascent to the souls in paradise, and the entombment—as well as everything these events encompassed.

And the Sunday initiation had to do with the third thousand years [ending approximately 3575]. This corresponded—and corresponds still in our day—to the opening of the tomb, angelic vigil, emergence from cosmic midnight, resurrection, reunion, and ascension to the Father; to walking, partaking, communing, and touching through the resurrection body—and to everything these events encompassed, including the ability to transcend time and space.

I understood that the three days of initiations, in addition to their correspondence with the three days of the Passion and the ensuing three [and a half] millennia of incarnations, corresponded also to the three and half years of Christ’s ministry. If we take the three and half years of his ministry and correlate it to the millennia of Magdalene’s incarnations, we arrive somewhere near the year AD 3500 [3575].

At the conclusion of these three millennia of incarnations I saw the individuality of Magdalene become a new kind of human being, surrounded with light as was Jesus at the Transfiguration, although I do not know if that is the proper term to describe the transformation I beheld. I cannot say that the individual I saw was a woman—but the incarnation was primarily of a divine feminine nature.

I was shown that the Word, or the seeds planted in the individuality of Magdalene during her initiations, would come to manifestation toward the close of her “Sunday night” of incarnations! She appeared in that coming time as an angelic human being.” (pp. 39-40)

Robert Powell writes in Christ and the Maya Calendar: 2012 and the Coming of the Antichrist of the gradual incarnation of Sophia into an etheric body, building on the visions and indications of the Russian mystic and visionary Daniel Andreev (contained in his magnum opus, The Rose of the World). This is the incarnation of the very being written of in Revelation 12, the woman clothed with the Sun, with the Moon under her feet, a chaplet of twelve stars on her head.

For the journey of Sophia into incarnation takes place gradually from the far reaches of the cosmos. She descended from the Central Sun, the heart of our Milky Way galaxy, and united herself with the starry heavens of our local Sagittarius Arm of the spiral (“chaplet of stars”). This occurred in 1775, around the time of the cultural renaissance and revolution of which I wrote in the previous piece—the time of Goethe, Novalis, Schiller, etc. She will descend to the level of the Sun sphere, uniting with our Sun 600 years later—in 2375, at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius (“clothed with the Sun”). A further 600 years later she will enter the Lunar sphere, uniting with our Moon, in the year 2975 (“the Moon under her feet”). Finally, virtually coinciding with the transition to the Slavic-Russian cultural epoch in 3575, she will incarnate in an etheric body here within the Earth herself, as a being Daniel Andreev calls “Sventa Zventana”: the “brightest of the bright and the holiest of holies” (for much greater elaboration, see Chapter 9: The Rose of the World, in Christ and the Maya Calendar).

It is my intuition that the vessel for the incarnation of Sophia into an etheric body around the year 3575 will be provided by the individuality of Mary Magdalene. It is this event that will bring about a Transfiguration-like event for this individual, transforming her into an angelic being. She will work very closely with the reincarnated Lazarus in order to bring about the fulfilment of European culture in the Baltic/Scandinavian regions, setting the stage for the Slavic-Russian culture which will be inaugurated by this transformative incarnation in 3575.

Let’s remember that the goal of the Age of Aquarius is to fully engage manas cognition, just as the goal of the Age of Pisces was to fully engage ego-consciousness. The year 3575 will be comparable to the year 1414, inasmuch as Northern Europe will be prepared to undergo a “Spiritual Scientific Revolution” equivalent to the scientific revolution of the 16th century. Increasingly, spiritual visionary activity will become commonplace. This is the cultural milieu in which the Magdalene spirit will be active—indeed, it is just what she has been preparing herself for.

Rudolf Steiner’s words from 1915 are important to remember in this context:

“What we see there in Goethe himself is a character trait of the German people. It can give an indication as to the mission given to human beings. The mission is, and we can present this very clearly to our souls, that true benefit for the progress of mankind will arise only if within a certain group of people a harmonious relationship is established between Central Europe and Eastern Europe.

It is possible to visualize Eastern Europe expanding westwards, across Central Europe, by brute force. It is possible to visualize this happening. That, however, would be equivalent to a situation where Joan of Arc had not done her deed in the 15th century and England had annexed France in those days. If it had come to that, and I state this emphatically, something would have come about that would not only have brought calamity to France but would have meant calamity also for England. And if German culture were now to suffer through what may come from the East, this would be to the detriment not only of German culture but also of the East. The worst that can happen to the East is that it might expand for a time and have an adverse effect on German culture. For as I said, the souls formerly incarnated in Western Europe or on the Italian peninsula and now growing up in the East unite with the Christ impulse as though instinctively, in the unconscious depths of the astral body. Yet the Christ impulse that is to grow within them can never arise through linear progression of the instinctive element that lives in their souls under the name of orthodox catholicism which, on the whole, is Byzantine of course, for this is a name not an impulse. It is just as impossible for this to evolve into what it is predestined to become as it is impossible for a woman without a man to have a child. What is preparing in the East can only come to something if Central Europe strongly and consciously — that is in a state of full awareness — unites the force of the human ego and human powers of insight with the Christ impulse, out of what souls are striving for out of egoic nature.

What has to come about for the civilization and culture of the future will only come about if the German folk spirit finds souls that transplant the Christ impulse into their astral body and ego the way it can indeed be implanted there in a state of full conscious awareness. It has to come about through harmony being established, by uniting with that which is consciously achieved in Central Europe — more and more consciously.

This will need not just one or two centuries, but a very long time. The time needed will be so long that we may reckon on about two thousand years, I would say, counting from the year 1400. Adding two thousand years to 1400 we get the approximate time when something will emerge in the evolution of the earth that has had its seeds in the German life of the spirit, ever since there has been such a life of the spirit. We therefore realize that we have to consider a future lying not just centuries ahead but more than a thousand years. And the mission of the Central European, the German folk spirit, a mission already before us, is that there will have to be more and more of that nurturing of the life in the spirit through which men take up in conscious awareness — right into the astral body and ego — a comprehension of the Christ impulse that in earlier times moved through the peoples of Europe as a living but unconscious impulse. Once evolution takes this course then the East, too, will gradually, by twining upwards, reach the level reached in Central Europe because of what is already inherent there. That is the intention of the cosmic intelligence. We only interpret the intention of the cosmic intelligence rightly when we say to ourselves: It would be the greatest misfortune also for the East of Europe to harm the very spiritual power it needs to use as a support in twining upwards, a power the East should indeed revere, revere in friendship, foster and cherish. It will have to come to this. For the moment the East is very far indeed from achieving this.”

Hand-in-hand with the gradual incarnation of Sophia is the gradual establishment of the Rose of the World. One way in which this will present itself is the increasing rapprochement of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. Just as the past 500 years leading up to Christ’s fifth sacrifice have seen a rapprochement between the Catholic Church and the Oriental Orthodox Churches in the Eastern Catholic confessions, so the years from 3500 – 4000 will see the even greater reconciliation of Catholicism with Russian Orthodoxy. It is this reconciliation, along with the integration and dissolution of the Footwashing rite of the Age of Aquarius, that will facilitate the emergence of the Rose of the World (again, for more details see Chapter 9: The Rose of the World). This too is precisely what the individuality of Magdalene has been preparing for, and will continue to prepare for over the next 1500 years.

The Age of Aquarius—and the life-cycle of Philosophia—will culminate in the year 4535. Somewhere around the year 4000 AD will see the sixth sacrifice of Archangel Jesus and Christ. The Archangel Jesus will offer up his manas body in order to create a vessel for budhi, for Life-Spirit to enter Spirit-Self. It is at this point that there will no longer be a necessity for the Sophianic communion—the Church of the Mother, the Milk and Honey, the Footwashing of the Johannine service, will have done its work. With the attainment of budhi, what will gradually dawn on humanity is not just spirit vision, but actual dialogue, conversation, and active collaboration, with hierarchical, elemental, and disincarnate human spirits.

Six members of the human being will then have fully precipitated out of the spiritual potentiality held by the Higher Self and the Guardian Angel—with only the Resurrection Body still gestating, which it has been doing ever since the fourth sacrifice of the Mystery of Golgotha:

Around 4443 will see the last incarnation of Maitreya Boddhisatva, as Maitreya Buddha. From this point onward, it will be the work of Skythianos that is of key importance. Among other tasks this will entail the struggle to reintegrate the Anglican/Protestant communions back into the Catholic Church (the Rose of the World). To be sure, by this point the Catholic Church will be transfigured—on its way to becoming a New Jerusalem—having integrated into herself the Oriental and Eastern Orthodox Churches, as well as the Aquarian/Sophianic Church of the Mother. It will be akin to the difference between the primal sacrifice of Abel’s best lamb to Yahweh versus the fully elaborated rituals of the Ancient Hebrews at the time of Moses.

We already have a prefiguring of this reintegrated Anglican/Protestant Church in the Christian Community developed by Lutheran anthroposophists under the guidance of Rudolf Steiner almost 100 years ago. A Christian Community service can give one a presentiment of a future Church that has integrated Roman Catholicism, Oriental Orthodoxy, Eastern Orthodoxy, Anglicanism, Protestantism, the Johannine service of the Aquarian Age, and even Freemasonry. Like the agape feast of Melchizadek and Abraham, it is a necessary cultivation for the sake of a future time.

In summary, here is our timeline heading into the future:

Current day – 2375 AD: The culmination of the mission of Mani/Parzival. The appearance of the Etheric Christ. The confrontation with the incarnation of Ahriman. Humanity dimly feels the birth of Manas-cognition (imaginative clairvoyance). Sophia descends to the sphere of the Sun from the realm of fixed stars

2375 – 3095 AD (“Mars Years” of Philosophia, 42-49): Neo-Goetheanism arises in the northern regions of Europe. The Johannine/Aquarian Church is wedded to this movement. Manas-cognition comes to the point of the metamorphic consciousness of Goethe becoming relatively commonplace. Sophia descends to the sphere of the Moon. The Lazarus individuality (Rosicrucianism) comes to the fore after the Mani-Parzival individuality (Manichaeism).

3095 – 3815 AD (“Jupiter Years” of Philosophia, 49-56): Neo-Anthroposophy arises along the European/Russian border, in Finland in particular. Manas-cognition comes to the point of the fully visionary clairvoyance of a Rudolf Steiner becoming relatively commonplace. Sophia unites with the Earth, and incarnates into the etheric body of the Magdalene individuality, who transfigures into an angelic being. The reunion of the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Churches begins in earnest.

3815 – 4535 AD (“Saturn Years” of Philosophia, 56-63): Both the Manas-cognition exercised over the past 2,000 years as well as the Johannine (Sophianic) Mass culminate in the sixth appearance of Christ, around the year 4000. The Archangel Jesus offers up his perfected Manas-cognition as the vehicle for Christ to offer his Budhi or life-spirit to human beings as a whole, which has been gestating for the entirety of the Aquarian age. The human being will now have six fully elaborated members and one that remains in gestation—the Resurrection Body, the transformed physical body whose seed was planted at the Mystery of Golgotha. The final incarnation of the Maitreya Buddha takes place in 4443; the Sophianic Mass and Eastern Orthodoxy are subsumed into the Catholic Church. The end of the biography of Philosophia, which lasted from 1945 BC – 4535 AD.

The Age of Capricorn begins 4535 AD, while the Anglo-American cultural epoch begins 1199 years later, in 5734 AD. This is the time of Skythianos, who is the guardian of ancient Atlantean mysteries in terms of moral technology: the sub-natural (technological) forces of the Earth by this time will be responsive to the power of the moral word or moral ether bestowed on humanity by the Maitreya Buddha. Skythianos will lead the charge of the “white magicians” of moral technology against the “black magicians”, the Sorathic foes who attempt to enslave humanity in a transhumanist state of permanent mineral attachment. The Sorathic impulse is to escape the wheel of death and rebirth by permanently affixing the soul to the mineral world (i.e. the Singularity), whereas the impulse of the white magician is to de-mineralize or de-materialize the physical body through Christ (i.e. the Eucharist), in order to return to the pre-Lemurian state of continual transformation and metamorphosis.

This goal will be accomplished to some degree by the year 6000 AD or so, at which point the Moon will reunite with the Earth. The body of the human being at this point will only mature to about the age of 14; sexual reproduction will no longer be a possibility. One will either have developed oneself to be able to “put on the Resurrection Body” of alchemically wedded life and death; or one will have to rely on science and technology in order to create new (materially incarnated) human beings. See here:

(In fact, in several lectures Rudolf Steiner indicated that the human being would only develop up to the age of 14 around the start of the Anglo-American epoch. See here: and here: and here:; thanks to Edward Reaugh Smith and his excellent concordance for Steiner’s work, The Burning Bush.)

By this point, the Church will have become truly Catholic, having reintegrated the Anglican Communion. When the seventh appearance of Christ occurs around the year 6000 AD, the Archangel Jesus will offer up the perfected Budhi, and the Resurrection Body (or “Atma”) which had been gestating since the Mystery of Golgotha will become fully available to humanity. The human being will at last fully engage with other spiritual beings in intuitive union; it will be a seven-foldness that can withstand being absorbed by, and absorbing—co-inhering—an eighth, i.e. another spiritual being, in full consciousness:

The Catholic Church will begin to transform into the New Jerusalem, finding its home—under the guidance of Mani-Parzival, who will have by this point ascended to the position of Manu—in the etheric region of what is currently the Pacific Ocean. The untransfigured portion of humanity will destroy itself in the “War of All against All,” a global Trial by Air (juxtaposed to the Trial by Water of the Great Flood that destroyed Ancient Atlantis and the Trial by Fire that destroyed Ancient Lemuria).

It will be the mission of this transfigured portion of humanity over the course of the Sixth Age, after the War of All against All, to not only redeem and rescue fallen humanity, but to transform (i.e. dematerialise) all of Nature. By the end of the Sixth Age, the Sun will have reunited with the Earth—and the whole Earth will have become the New Jerusalem in her entirety.

I will attempt, at some point, to make available a graphic representation of these complicated themes.

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9 thoughts on “The Sacrifices of Jesus and Christ, pt. 13

  1. Hi Joel,

    Really enjoyed this. Large time frame reading helps me deal with the current confinement.I love the use of the coin cards as illustrators, and the definition of Anthroposophy vis Plato/Aristotle, and only want to add that my preferred definition of Anthroposphia is Philosophia passing through (warmed by) a human heart, of which this work of yours is a wondrous example.


  2. Even though my mind is pretty much blown, and I have many questions, here with only two, and they are accompanied by gratitude and awe:
    1) what part of the Anglican Church is different enough and worthy enough to become part of the Catholic Church? Was this piece originally part of the Catholic Church?
    2) regarding the sun reuniting with the earth, I have held the view that the earth will fall out of the sun”s solar orb (just as Mars Jupiter and Saturn dI’d) since the Sun is a star that is on an evolutionary path and the expanse of its orbit is shrinking . Thus, in the future the solar orb will extend only out to the orbit of Venus and those who evolve will inhabit Venus (HJ). So I cannot understand the sun”s reunion with the earth.


    1. AND I am guilty of discursive logic. Without logic, how can there be meaning? I know analogy goes hand in hand with wisdom, but analogy is difficult to employ when the topics are vast reaching…


    2. Well, as to your first question…I’m no authority at all on the subject, to be honest. Certainly, from my limited point of view the three representatives of the Church in Solovyov’s “Short Story of the Antichrist” belong to the three orthodoxies: Roman Catholicism (Church of Peter), Eastern Orthodox (Church of John), and Anglican (Church of Paul). All three have sprung from the same source, in order to ramify and eventually reunite once their individual missions are complete. But on a more specific and academic level, perhaps some answers could be found here:

      For the second question, I’m not sure what you mean by Mars, Jupiter and Saturn falling out of the Sun’s solar orb. I’m also not sure what the (HJ) after Venus means. What I believe you’re referring to is Robert Powell’s insight that the current orbit of Saturn is a memory of the orbit in which human activity was centred during Old Saturn evolution; that the current orbit of Jupiter is a memory of the orbit in which human activity was centred during Old Sun, etc., and that the Sun itself is showing us where the “scene of action” will be during future Vulcan evolution.

      What I’m referring to in terms of the Sun’s eventual reuniting with the Earth is mentioned specifically in Chapter 6 of “Outline of Esoteric Science”, but also in some of Rudolf Steiner’s other lectures. He describes in Chapter 4 of “Outline of Esoteric Science” that the Solar System, at the beginning of Earth Evolution, begins as a unified spiritual/soul/physical being. Gradually, it condenses, and as it does so, the various planetary bodies split off, beginning with Saturn (during the First Era) and Jupiter (During the Second Era). When Jupiter splits off, the Sun (still united with Mercury and Venus) splits off as well, and the Earth is still united with Mars and the Moon. The Sun then condenses, gradually releasing both Mercury and Venus, while the Earth condenses, releasing Mars and then the Moon. The Moon is the last to split off, marking the Fall during middle portion of Ancient Lemuria (the Third Era).

      This whole planetary system went hand in hand with the materialisation of the human being, and will eventually reunite in conjunction with the re-spiritualization of the Earth and humanity. I believe Steiner points to the year 5734 as the time when the Moon will reunite with the Earth (at the end of this our Fifth Era); by the end of the Sixth Era, some 20,000 years from now, the Sun will also have reunited with the Earth. I’m assuming all the other planets follow suit, with the whole reunified Solar System entering a state of “Pralaya” by the end of the 7th Era. After this “Pralaya” or sleep-state, the whole system unfolds yet again, only this time the sphere of human activity is found in the orbit of “Future Jupiter”, which is prefigured in our time by the orbit of Venus.

      (If I remember correctly, this is discussed at some length during Steiner’s lectures on the Apocalypse from 1908, where he brings the 7 Letters into connection with the 7 post-Atlantean Ages, the 7 Seals into connection with the 7 Ages of the 6th Era, the 7 Trumpets into connection with the 7 Ages of the 7th Era, the 7 Vials of Wrath with the Pralaya. The descent of the New Jerusalem would then signify the emergence of Future Jupiter. See here:

      Clear as mud???


      1. Wow – it did not occur to me that the Solar System would eventually reunite. By “outside the Solar Orb” I mean the extent of the Sun”s warmth, which sustains our life on earth. And this warmth orb is contracting.
        I have not yet conjured an imagination of the Sun reuniting with the earth. I can more easily see the earth becoming an outer planet like Saturn Jupiter and Mars, with some of us ascending to Venus, to stay within the Solar Orb.
        Will there still be copper on Venus then? We might resemble C3PO – the robot on Star Wars. LOL


      2. Yes, this idea is presented in Chapter 6 of “Outline of Esoteric Science”, but is implied throughout Chapter 4 of the same book, as well as the entirety of the collection “Cosmic Memory.” E.g. Saturn Evolution begins as a unified spiritual “mass” (the word is incorrect, but you understand what I’m implying I hope) which gradually contracts into specified, materialised beings and forms. These reach a certain peak of differentiation, and then reverse course and expand back into a unified, completely spiritual state (i.e. “Pralaya”). So our own cosmos (specifically our Solar System) condensed out of a unified spiritual “mass”, has reached maximum densification/specification, and now through the power of Christ will gradually reunite into a spiritual wholeness. From a purely materialistic scientific point of view, this is what is referred to as the transformation of our Sun into a Red Giant that will consume/destroy the rest of the Solar System: Obviously, they mischaracterise this process entirely, but nevertheless approach the truth of the situation.


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