The Mystery of Evil – Pt. 3

The next step in our consideration of the advent of the incarnation of Ahriman into a human vessel will be to look at the genesis of Evil as a force working in tandem with the genesis of modern technology — the “singularity” prophesied by Kurzweil and other transhumanists as the ultimate goal of science being equivalent to the attainment of an anti-Resurrection Body.  However, let’s first take a step back and see, in a general sense, how Evil has manifested itself in the body social over the past century.  One could say, let’s trace the gradual infection of the social organism, an infection the extent of which goes generally unnoticed by most people.

We’ll begin in 1929.  The time period of the Luciferic temptation, from 1929 – 1959, bore a particular character in terms of its manifestation of Evil (note — I use a capital “E” not to indicate any sort of reverence, but rather to emphasize that this is Heirarchical Evil; it matriculates from the Heirarchies of the Left.  It is, in a certain sense, evil not merely as “morally wrong” but as a real Force in the development of Humanity).  The character of this time period manifested especially in the Ego of the body social, one could say in the spiritual/cultural sphere from the perspective of the threefold social organism.  This was indicated by the appearance of the incredibly power-hungry fascist leaders of the time period:  Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, etc.  Evil motivated individual men, resulting in massive and catastrophic destructive forces being unleashed onto millions of people.

In the next time period, that of the Luciferic and Ahrimanic temptation (1959-1988), Evil manifested itself in the “rights sphere,” as it is called in the threefold social organism. This, in turn, was indicated by the advent of Communism in full swing and all it brought with it — the Cold War, the Vietnam War, etc.  In this case, it was not necessarily individual men through which Evil manifested — it was through the “astral body” of the social organism: the body-politic, the people, the “folk” of the Folk-Soul.  The fight against Evil became more nuanced; less easy to recognize; more difficult to face.  The black/white, good/evil paradigm that applied so clearly in World War II began to rest on shaky foundations.

In the following phase, that of the Ahrimanic temptation (1988-2018), we have been faced with an even more nuanced and hidden form of Evil.  It has disseminated further out, into the “ether body” of society:  the economic realm of the social organism.  Increasingly over the past 28 years, Evil has been injected into the social sphere unrecognized via the quiet influence of corporate greed and corporate political power.  Standing behind a two-fold veil, if you will, this Evil is even harder to recognize than the previous two forms, and is almost impossible to avoid or overcome.  While most of society remains trapped in the previous two paradigms, seeking out “evil leaders” or “evil nations” upon which to direct their punitive and protective impulses, they lash out blindly until they can recognize the true source of a majority of the Evil in our time — “turning stones into bread,” pain for profit, the guiding star of the modern, multinational mega-corporation.

Where does that lead us now?  What is the form that Evil takes in the final day of temptation (2018-2047)?  We can be sure that this will involve Evil moving into the physical realm itself, or as the video at this website happily assures us, into the very walls around us.  This form of Evil is the most nuanced, the most hidden, and the hardest to confront.  Most people do not recognize it as anything close to an Evil.  However, it is the very method and medium through which the Ahrimanic element can incarnate in a widespread and direct manner into Earth evolution.  Evil has been forced to evacuate the subearthly spheres through the deed of the Etheric Christ, and is now attempting to take up residence on the surface, in the Human realm.

Something that should be kept in mind is the “inversion” that has taken place over the course of the past 90 or so years.  In the time of Hitler, Stalin, and World War II, the Evil manifested itself through individual men — but it actually dwelt in the periphery of culture, so to speak.  It might be more accurate to say that it dwelt far beneath our feet and only just began to bubble up from below.  At this point in time, however, as it begins to manifest itself in the very walls around us, its force is actually proceeding from an inversely related source — individual human beings, particularly Mr. X, who has become the vessel for Ahriman’s incarnation.  There are possibly two other human beings we could designate a similar role (one bearing the impulse of Sorath, the other the incarnation of Hitler’s individuality) of acting as a sort of “eye of the hurricane,” a deceptively calm place that is the nucleus of great chaos.  So, we have a complete inversion — in the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s, Evil acts from the deepest depths but manifests in the individual human being; now, and increasingly going forward into the next 30 years, it acts from within individual human beings but manifests itself in the very substance of the world around us.

From there, the potential is very great that an unwitting public would be directed and controlled entirely unconsciously, through modern technology, by a handful of individuals.  Most would be completely unaware that any degree of freedom had been taken away; in fact, by modern definitions of so-called freedom, they may be entirely deluded into thinking they were freer than ever before.

The next section will address further aspects of this genesis of Evil, and what in the way of Forces of the Good that we have directly available to us as “Grail Knights” to conquer these dragons…

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The Mystery of Evil – Pt. 2

In the first part, I pointed out this time period:

Dec 21, 2012 – July 3, 2016, which is 1290 days, as the 3 and 1/2 year period during which Ahriman takes full possession of his human vessel, to whom we’ve been referring as “Mr X.”

In the following, we’ll take a closer look at the potential “end date” of July 3, 2016 and how it relates to another important date:  the date of conception of Mr. X.

It has been well established by Robert Powell that Mr. X’s birthdate was 7:20 AM on February 5, 1962 (Moon and Ascendant in Capricorn).  What about the conception date?  Using the hermetic rule (see Astrogeographia), I arrive at a conception date of May 7, 1961 (Moon in Capricorn, Ascendant in Cancer).  This adjusted the birth time of Mr. X to 7:12 AM rather than 7:20 AM.

This gives us a time period beginning on May 7, 1961 and culminating on July 3, 2016.  The exact midpoint of this time period is December 5, 1988.  What can and should we make of this?

In my research, there are untold mysteries that can be unraveled by finding a significant midpoint and working out in both directions from that midpoint, the supreme example of this being Christ’s life, the focal point of all history.  What about this date of December 5, 1988 — is it the midpoint of another timeline, other than the life of Mr. X?

We would benefit here from a brief refresher on Robert Powell’s description of the cosmic 40 Days of Temptation in the Wilderness:  these “days” follow the rhythm of the Saturn return.  Every time Saturn enters Sagittarius, a new “day” has begun.  These days of temptation began in 869 AD; as of 1929, we began the critical final four days of temptation:

1929 – 1959:  The Luciferic Temptation

1959 – 1988:  The Luciferic/Ahrimanic Temptation

1988 – 2018:  The Ahrimanic Temptation

2018-2047:  A time period when humanity is either ministered unto by the three Angels, due to overcoming temptation (Thy Will Be Done), or they succumb to the fourth temptation:  megalomania (My Will Be Done).

These days will be further characterized in another section – for now we will have to be satisfied with this brief recap (see also here)

How do these “days” relate to December 5, 1988?  On this date, Saturn was at 7.5 degrees Sagittarius.  If we go back exactly 59 years (less 9 days) to December 14, 1929, once again Saturn is at 7.5 degrees Sagittarius.  If we go forward exactly 59 years (less 9 days) we arrive at November 26, 2047 – and once again, Saturn is exactly positioned at 7.5 degrees Sagittarius.  So this date is not only the precise midpoint between Dec 14, 1929 and Nov 26, 2047, it is also the Saturn return of those dates.

Can we see anything here other than a bunch of numbers?  What are they saying to us?  What I have come to in my “inner forum” after living with these ideas for a year, is that 7.5 degrees Sagittarius is the point in the zodiac that demarcates the beginning of a new “day of temptation” once Saturn arrives there. This means that December 5, 1988 is not only the exact midpoint of the life of Mr. X, from conception to complete possession (May 7, 1961 – July 3, 2016); it is also the exact midpoint of the final four days of temptation – the turning point.  Further, the time period from May 1961 – July 2016 falls precisely within the two days of temptation during which Ahriman is active (the 38th and 39th days — Luciferic/Ahrimanic Temptation and Ahrimanic Temptation).

So:  Dec 5, 1988 is the exact middle of the last four days in the wilderness.  This date is not only a turning point; it can also be used, in some respects, as a mirror.  For example, the following Presidential administrations mirror each other, revolving around the axis of December 5, 1988:

Reagan — Bush I

Carter — Clinton

Nixon/Ford — Bush 2

JFK/Johnson — Obama

Further examples:  Thirteen years forward from 1988 brings us to 2001, the beginning of the “war on terror.”  Thirteen years back takes us to the end of the war in Vietnam, which lasted for nearly 20 years.  Iran Contra is mirrored in the Gulf War.  The recent renewal of relations with Cuba is another reflection.  I’m sure there are other similar events.

There are further implications to this mirroring, beyond external history.  I have a feeling the mirroring is particular to these four “days” of temptation — that after 2047 we will come out of a vortex of sorts, and not just continue living through warped reflections of the past.  At least I hope so.  Of particular significance is that the time period from 2018 – 2047 is a mirroring of the day of Luciferic Temptation (1929 – 1959).  A great part of our task during this time period will be the redemption of Lucifer.  Much will depend on 1) whether humanity as a whole overcomes the three temptations in the wilderness and does not succumb to megalomania and 2) whether humanity can affect on a large scale the redemption and Christening of Lucifer in world evolution.  Otherwise we may be doomed to repeat in a metamorphosed and amplified fashion the tragic events of 1929-1959.

(The following paragraph was written a year ago, hence the anachronism): Another possible implication of this mirroring involves the gestation of Mr. X (from May 7, 1961 through February 5, 1962) being reflected in the nine months from October 5, 2015 through July 3, 2016.  I had already been pondering this autumn as falling 7 years after the financial collapse in 2008, and 14 years after the fall of the Twin Towers in 2001.  This may be a particularly tumultuous time period.

(I think it can be safely concluded that this past fall was indeed an incredibly tumultuous time for the world.  Since then, and I know this is not simply a personal feeling of my own or those who view the world as I do, humanity has felt poised on a dreadful precipice, holding our breath before the plunge.  I think events that occurred around October 5, including but not limited to the escalation of the Russian/American proxy war in Syria and the end of the Jade Helm operation, were conceptions that will come to birth between June and July of this year.  We must be ready to make the choice between “Thy Will Be Done” and “My Will Be Done,” particularly at that point in time.)

Finally, there is the distinct possibility that May 7, 1961’s mirroring in July 3, 2016 indicates a massive shift in Mr. X’s activity — perhaps even the end of that activity as we know it.  There is some cause for hope if this is the case, although barring his redemption the tragedy of the situation is incredibly palpable.  However, we cannot allow our gaze to lose track of Ahriman by remaining too focussed on Mr. X.  Our work of courageously resisting and naming Ahriman continues, even as his sphere of incarnation shifts…(Continued in Part 3):

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The Mystery of Evil – Pt. 1

The following articles assume a familiarity with the works of Robert Powell, specifically Gautama Buddha’s Successor and the cosmic rhythms discussed in The Christ Mystery (see herehere, and here) and other works.  The articles in this series were originally written in February/March 2015.  I am posting them now publicly as they seem to be prescient.

Part 1:

In 2013, Robert Powell wrote in Gautama Buddha’s Successor that the scandal involving global surveillance unveiled by Edward Snowden marked the event of the incarnation of Ahriman into his human vessel, “Mr. X,” on June 19, 2013.  At the time and since then, this date didn’t seem quite right to me; an important date to be sure, but something just didn’t ring true about it.  I have discussed this with others and one thing to keep in mind is I had just days before become the father of my second child – possibly my awareness of the larger situation was limited at that point.  In any case, Robert speaks in this book as well as in other books about three time periods in the books of Revelation and Daniel:  1335 days, 1290 days, and 1260 days, all of them somehow related to the Antichrist’s main period of activity. This was a part of the piece I felt was missing. I pondered for a while these three time periods, and this is what I digested:

November 6, 2012 (election day) through July 3, 2016 is 1335 days.

December 21, 2012 (the Maya Calendar end date) through July 3, 2016 is 1290 days.

December 21, 2012 through June 3, 2016 (the descent of the Etheric Christ into the 8th sub-earthly sphere — see The Christ Mystery by Robert Powell) is 1260 days.

This doesn’t give us a definite “incarnation date.”  But I think this is an accurate timeline for the unfolding of these (approximately) 3 and 1/2 years.

A further observation… bear with me:

Almost exactly 21 years prior to the Mystery of Golgotha, the Nathan Jesus and Solomon Jesus united in the temple.  A few months later, the Nathan Mary died.

Almost exactly 21 years prior to July 3, 2016 gives us July 1995.  Mr. X was around 33 1/3 years old (Robert Powell states that his birthday is February 5, 1962).  At that time, he released an autobiography that began his public career.  A few months later, the woman known to the world as his mother died.  This is almost certainly an aping of the biography of Christ.

It seems very likely to me that world events could come to a head in the summer of 2016. Whether the incarnation of Ahriman began in December 2012 or June 2013, either fits rather well the indication from Gautama Buddha’s Successor that there are three years of trial beginning in June 2013, each bearing its own particular trial.  We could say that the key three years are from June 2013 – June 2016.

The timeline formed by these three time periods (1335, 1290, and 1260 days) indicates another important gesture:  the inversion of the life of Christ.  There were 49 days between Easter and Pentecost; 28 days between the Baptism in the Jordan and the 40 days of Temptation.  In the case of the time period from November 6, 2012 – July 3, 2016, it is like the time period from Baptism to Pentecost in reverse.  The election in November 2012 could be seen as a kind of anti-Pentecost; 45 days later, December 21, it is quite possible there was a bodily union, a kind of anti-Easter. The thirty days between June 3 and July 3 is akin to the 28 days between the Temptation and the Baptism – only in reverse.

Therefore, it seems likely to me that the incarnation of Ahriman into a human vessel takes the opposite course of the Christ into Jesus.  For the Christ, what began as a union in spirit, in the “I,” worked its way into the physical body over three and a half years.  In the case of Ahriman, it begins as a physical union that gradually works its way into the “I” (from below upwards rather than above downwards).  It is very likely that the time period leading up to and between June 3 and July 3, 2016, will represent a time of serious Temptation for humanity — the culminating point, in a certain sense, of the cosmic Days of Temptation, which are of a particular intensity from 1929 – 2018 (see The Christ Mystery).  It is also likely that it will only be at this point that the incarnation of Ahriman into a human vessel becomes apparent, since until then he will not have united with (or to be more precise, displaced and possessed) the “I” of his host.

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